Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Korean Fried Chicken Delivery is Coming!

Living in Korea is full of surprises, one of them is the stunning food delivery service. Everytime you get work late, feel too tired to cook your own meal, or just suddenly feel hungry at midnight, just one call or few touches on your mobile app, the food will be ready within an hour right at your door! And out of all kinds of food delivery you can find in Korea, the No.1 menu favored by both Koreans and foreigners has to go to fried chicken for sure!
Today BnBHero has brought you five of most popular fried chicken brands in Korea – BBQ, BHC, Kyochon Chicken, NeNe Chicken, and Goobne Chicken!! And you can easily order any menu from them by following the simple steps here!
BBQ Chicken opened the first store back in 1995. They are celebrating their 20th anniversary right during this month by offering great discounts!! Don’t miss the chance!
BBQ has various menus from the traditional old Korean flavor to newly creative trendy tastes. The easiest way to order is to find a BBQ store near you so that you can call them directly and make your order specifically, but you can also go to their website and click the red button ‘주문하기‘, which means ‘order’ in Korean, and leave your number and address.

BBQ’s menu (from left to right, top to bottom) 
garlic fried chicken, red hot garlic fried chicken (spicy), honey garlic fried chicken, traditional roasted chicken,  fried chicken with cheesy powder, and secret sauce fried chicken
We highly recommend BBQ’s special golden olive series~ Can be found only at BBQ! It looks nothing special than ordinary crispy fired chicken, however, being cooked in olive oil makes the chicken feel less greasy and even more tasty! There are choices from golden olive fried chicken, golden olive drumsticks to golden olive fried chicken (half crispy half sauced), and golden olive drumsticks (half crispy half sauced).

The brand ‘BHC’ stands for ‘Better & Happier Choice’. Starting from 2004, BHC Chicken grew quickly and opened 1,000 stores till 2012. You can find their store locations all around Korea at, it can be ordered by calling 1577-5577 or online.
BHC has very special tastes made by their secret seasoning. The Machoking (맛초킹) chicken uses crispy fried chicken and second cook with chili, sesame, garlic and BHC’s special honey sauce, don’t miss it if you want to try some different favored fried chicken!

BHC’s menu (from left to right, top to bottom) 
Machoking special seasoned chicken, fried chicken (on bones) with Magic Seasoning powder (containing cheese, onion, garlic, etc.), crispy fried chicken (on bones), fried chicken (with bones) with Magic Seasoning powder
BHC Cola-Pop-Chicken
We all agree fried chicken is best with Cola for sure! BHC created this Cola-Pop-Chicken series which combines Cola and fried popcorn chicken nugget in one large cup, with chicken on top and Cola filling rest of the cup! Just love their idea! This is becoming a new trendy street food, and also great for movies~

Kyochon Chicken is one of the oldest and most famous fired chicken in Korea from 1991. It has been chosen as one of the must-have food when travel to Korea. They have opened 27 overseas stores till early this year. You can now find Korean fried chicken maybe in your own country!!

Kyochon’s global locations
Their Kyochon Original series fried chicken comes with no heavy paste coating but still crispy enough, and it gives you the true original taste of the chicken!!


We also love this Kyochon Honey Original new menu so much!! It’s basically the Kyochon Original with more honey sauce, but the honey sweet won’t be too strong, and not greasy at all~ The chicken become a little sticky because of honey, but still remain crispy when you start a bite!


Kyochon Honey Original
NeNe Chicken is also celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and holding more than 1,100 stores all over Korea. It’s another award winning fried chicken brand welcomed by Koreans alongside brands such as Kyochon and BBQ. You can easily find locations near you at, or order NeNe chicken directly online here:
NeNe stands out for its best seasoning sauce among all chicken brands in Korea, and of course their sauced chicken is our first recommendation!!

NeNe’s sauced fired chicken, hot spicy sauced fried chicken, half crispy & half sauced fired chicken
And another popular type of fired chicken in Korea is ‘파닭’ – fired chicken with scallion. ‘파’ in Korean is scallion, an Asian green onion, and ‘닭’ means chicken. The sliced scallion on top can give the fired chicken a special fragrance and make meat tastes less greasy when mixed with oil.

NeNe’s fired chicken with sliced scallion, fired chicken with onion rings, fried chicken with lemon juice and black sesame 
NeNe’s fired chicken with sliced scallion
Goobne is a very spacial chicken brand different from any other chicken mentioned above, cause they are specialized in not fried but oven roast chicken! And has been focused in good oven roast chicken over 10 years.  You can find their store locations at
Goobne’s menu – 
Goobne chicken, goobne chicken without bones, goobne drumsticks 
If you are in the mood of trying something different than traditional fried chicken, or being worried about the fried ones might be too oily, we totally recommend you try Goobne Chicken once in a while!!
This will be today’s fried chicken trip in Korea! What other foods or travel information you wanna know about in Korea? Leave a comment below and we will be back with another piece soon!!
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