Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Beautiful Winter Experience in Nami Island

One of the most beautiful places to visit in any season in Nami Island. So this winter, it took take a bit of careful planning and a lot of luck, but I wanted to see the famous tree lined roads of Nami Island dressed up in pristine snow. (The fake snowmen that are an ode to the Korean Drama Winter Sonata look more at home surrounded by real snow!)

Taking the shuttle bus service offered by BnBHero was a great way to start my early morning trip without having to do a lot of thinking myself! I was picked up at Hongik University Station (how much coffee can I drink on the bus without having to go to the bathroom?) and taken straight to Nami Island, even with the ferry fare and entrance fee included! 

The ferry ride and the cold bite of wind is a great pick-me-up before arriving on Nami Island. In order to battle the cold (what a great excuse) we had some amazing food and just a little bit of “dongdong-ju”, or Korean sweetened rice wine. I really felt as if I could tackle the world! There are a lot of restaurants on the island, some selling more traditional food than others, so we went for traditional Korean food perfect for the cold weather- and it was delicious!

Having signed up for the shuttle bus that would take us to Petite France, it meant we didn’t have all day to spend on Nami Island- but that was okay! We were more interested in taking photos, walking around and enjoying the sites- but there was so much to do and see here, maybe next time it would be better to come back and also spend a full day!

Nami Island is located in Gangwondo province of Korea, and is considered a place of nature and “healing”. We saw a lot of beautiful and peaceful areas to wander and think, and also to take photos! There were so many people, both locals and tourists alike taking photos!

Even without a plan of what to do and what to see, there were so many little secret areas hidden in plain sight! I particularly enjoyed the little nook and crannies filled with all the secret little decorations- I almost felt like a child exploring a very large secret garden, and why not?

When it got too cold, and when my hands couldn’t quite take any more photos, it was as if the spirit of Nami Island was looking out for me and my friends because what do we discover but… piping hot and delicious steam buns!

These steamed buns were a great way for us to warm our hands and our bellies, but don’t expect me to tell you how many I ate! (Let me just say it was NOT in the double digits…) Warm and soft and fluffy with creamy bean paste in the middle, we also love the way they were piled sky high inside the big steamer.

But too soon it was time for us to get back to the shuttle to head to our second destination- Petite France! Was I too full to continue the journey? Never! (Although soon I may end up looking like these snowmen…)

Nami Island is a great destination in any season, but we thought it was most appropriate in the winter, because the snowmen can look a little silly when there is no snow on the ground! There is plenty to do, eat, and see, so even if it is your first time it really isn’t necessary to plan everything in detail- you should see what strikes your fancy once you arrive! Being ferried around on a program was a great way to travel without having to worry about the details, and also a more efficient manner than taking public transport- in my opinion! Plus, Petite France and Nami Island are totally doable in one day, so why not have someone else plan it for me?

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