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Let's visit the Garden of Morning Calm using public transportation (train and bus)

The Garden of Morning Calm (GMC) is a quite popular destination for foreign travelers as well as locals. If you are planning a day trip to GMC, this post may help your hassle free trip to GMC. ^ ^
If you don't know much about GMC, please visit their website first. Then, you can decide whether you will read this posting further or not.
Itinerary summay of day trip to GMC
Your place -> Sangbong station -> Chyeongpyeong statoin -> Cheongpyeong bus terminal -> GMC
(return trip will be in reverse sequence)
To start your trip to GMC, you need to reach Sangbong station from the place where you are staying.
It must be quite easy trip becasue you are already quite familiar with the Metro train system of Seoul. ^ ^ Sangbong station is the intersection of subway line 7, Gyeongchun Koreail line (Seou <-> Chuncheon) and Joonang Korail line ( a route from Seoul to Busan through most mountain area).
[Step1] Buy a ticke to Cheongpyeong
Wherever you stay in Seoul, buy a ticke to Chyeongpyeong. Train fare would be around 2,000 won.
[Step2] Go to Sangbong station and find Gyeongchun lin platform
We are sure that subway ride to Sangbong station is easy but some of travelers may have difficulty to find the right platform to take train to Chyeongpyeong.
First of all, you have to following signage indicating 'Chuncheon' because Chyeongpyeong is  a small station on the Gyeongchun line and way to Chuncheon (it means there is no signage 'Cheyongpyeong' in Sangbong station').
Follow signs as below.

After 3~4 minutes walk, you will finally reach to Gyeongchun line platform as below.

[Step 3] Take train to Chyeongpyeong
Train leaves every 15~20 minutes on weekdays. We strongly recommend to leave your trip on weekdays unless you don't want to enjoy weekend holiday traffic of local travelers. :-)
It will be a pleasant 43 minutes train ride and there are 12 stations on the way. You just need not to miss the Chyeongpyeong station to get off.
[Step 4] Walk to Chyeongpyeong bus terminal
You have to rely on the map for part. However, you don't have to worry becuase Chyeongpyeong is a quite small town and easy to find the bus terminal. In case you are lost in Chyeongpyeong, just ask young locals 'Where is bus terminal?'. Then, local residents will be happy to help you. :-)
Look at the following map. Isn't it easy? The bus terminal is on the left hand side at the last Blue allow on the map. It will be about 10~15 minutes walk to reach the bus terminal.

[Step 5]  Take a bus to GMC
You have to take right bus to GMC. The bus should have sign of '수목원' or '아침고요수목원' as following photo.
Because GMC is the final stop of the bus, you don't have to be nervous on bus stops. Just relax and enjoy your bus trip. Then, follow other passengers. :-)
note1] Ignore bus number '32'. Bus companie may change numbers when they rearrange bus routes in every few years. Just make sure to take a bus with '수목원' or '아침고요수목원' sign
note2] Although bus schedule may change, buses leave every 20~30 minutes between 10am~12pm but less buses are scheduled after 12pm, noon. So, we recommend to reach to the bus terminal at least not later than 11:45am if you don't want to spend more your time to wait bus.

Now, you are at GMC. Enjoy your day at GMC !!

Our last comment for your happy trip is return bus and train time because some of readers may want to visit GMC for night light festival.
Last buses from GMC to Chyeong Pyeong leave usually at 18:10 and 20:00. Please check return bus time table when you arrive at GMC.
Last tran from Chyeongpyeong to Sangbong leaves after 11pm. So, you can have dinner at Cheyongpyeong if you fee hungry and as long as you have enough time to reach your home from Sangbong station in Seoul. ^ ^
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