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ONE DAY TOUR Nami Island / Petite France / Railbike


ONE DAY TOUR Nami Island / Petite France / Railbike 

Nami Island and Petite France are one of the most popular destinations in South Korea, to a point where the most common query we receive is whether it is possible to visit Nami Island and Petite France in one day!
To this point we have created blog entries detailing how to travel to Nami Island and Petite France by yourself using Korean public transport  and the best way to use the train and bus systems in South Korea, as well as information on a shuttle service that will pick you up at Hongik University or Seoul Station.
Whether you want to travel with your own companions to your own schedule or use a shuttle service, it is up to you! But what about making a more exciting trip by adding yet a third interesting agenda?


This tour combines the trip to Nami Island and Petite France with a Railway Bike tour!

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Period of event: 12 / 20 ~ 03 / 15 (a group with 4 people and above) except every Tuesdays and Fridays.


08:00 departure (Seoul Station / Myeong-dong / Dongdaemun / Sinchon four pick-points)
09:30 Tour Village Little Prince
11:00 visit Nami Island
13:30 Lunch famous Chicken Chuncheon
16:00 Village railway bike (Gimyujeong Station)
17:30 departure to Seoul

Must Visit Destinations

Petite France

Petite France is very close to Nami Island and easily distinguished by the cluster of beautiful and bright colored buildings. A French cultural village set in the heart of Korea, Petite France consists of 16 French style buildings and is a great opportunity to experience Europe in Asia!

Nami Island

Nami Island is a beautiful destination and also the filming site for Winter Sonata, a very famous Korean drama! With picturesque tree lined roads and grass fields, it is 63km away from Seoul and a richly historic site. The island combines Korea’s heritage with modernity, and has something for everyone!

Chicken Chuncheon

Chuncheon is very famous for “dakgalbi”, whicih is spicy stir-fried chicken with vegetables. It is served in a large hot and sizzling pan, and is a delicious dish to try after a day of touring!
Dakgalbi is sold everywhere in South Korea, but your visit will not be complete without trying it here, at the mecca of dakgalbi! What is also amazing is that after the dakgalbi has been eaten, you can usually stir-fry rice and make amazing and delicious fried rice in the remaining sauce!

Railbike Tour

The railbike tour is beautiful in every season because the mountains of Korea are beautiful in every season! Opened in 2012, the rail park operates from 3 stations. This one day tour will take you to Gimyujeong Station, where you will be able to take the rail bike and enjoy the scenic tours of the mountain.
It is a very popular tourist attraction where people can pedal along the old railroad tracks, and get spectacular views of South Korea’s scenery!
This tour is all inclusive of a pickup, a tour around three top tourist destinations, lunch as well as a drop off back in Seoul! All for 100,000 won! What a great way of enjoying one full days worth of exciting!
Looking for an interesting tour in South Korea, or something to do in one day? Want to visit the top tourist destinations but only have 24 hours? This is the perfect activity for tourists in South Korea who love sightseeing and eating, as well as taking in nature!
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