Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Addictive Food Show- Tasty Guys




If you love Korean food and love watching Korean food shows, this is the show for you1
Called "Delicious Guys" and "Tasty Guys", it is about four popular Korean comedians eating some of the most famous local delicacies in Korea!
And boy, do they eat.

Look at how deliciously they eat!!
The four comedians are very famous and popular in South Korea for their humor, but also at the vast quantities they can eat!
Each episode revolves around a theme (location), and they visit 2-3 restaurants with specialties and try it all for you!
What is also doubly amazing is that they give you tips and ideas only locals know (or only food enthusiasts know!) on how to eat the food even more deliciously.

Four people, four pizzas? 

Totally possible!

For example,  when they filled the chicken episode apparently the four of them had ELEVEN CHICKEN!!!

This episode is a sneak peak where they show you how to eat chicken even more deliciously!
Each show has a theme, but they also have little games they play! For example, once the food arrives, they have to pick a card, and one person might not be able to eat!
Is this cruel? Sometimes! But there is also the option that ALL of them get to eat, so it works out!
(Frankly I am more sad that I cannot eat everything...)
We have not been able to find full streaming videos on this amazing show yet, but they have a great Youtube Channel where you can catch all the highlights!

Check out the Youtube Channel here!

Follow them on Facebook Here! 

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