Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Mapo Galmaegi, special Korean BBQ chain with its famous "Mapo Gull"

For Korean BBQ lovers, Mapo Galmaegi is the bbq restaurant you should never miss when you come to Korea! Even though they got many branches even abroad in LA, Indonesia and Taiwan etc. But still, when come to Korea, enjoy the real Korean Mapo Galmaegi is the must thing to do ;)

Especially this menu- Mapo Gull, this is one of the main reason people come here to have!
This part of pork is the most chewy part, plus the amazing sauce they mixed, you will must feel it's like a pork wonderland when you're "bbqing" this amazing part!
Their ribs and pork belly are awesome too! Besides above, the egg crust around the pan gives the extra flavor to this meal as well!
You can also have a bowl of cold noodle after the bbq, and I gotta say, their cold noodle is really one of my favorite cold noodle ever in Korea! Really smoothing!

More can be found in their official site: http://mapo92.com/

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