Sunday, March 27, 2016

Top Samgyupsal Recommendations!

We saw this amazing Samgyupsal (Grilled Pork Belly) restaurant recommendation in a Korean website, and we had to share it with our readers!
To make it easy, we have located each restaurant on google map! So if you would like the address, click on the name of the restaurant!
The sweet and spicy marinated leeks is served side by side with the crispy and juicy samgyupsal!  What also makes this place special is that they add just a hint of green tea powder on top of their meal to give it a more sweet and savory after taste.
Servings start from 10,000 won!
This place is located near Hongik University, but is actually closer to Sangsu station! The famous menu item is their "iron samgyupsal", also known as the 44 second samgyupsal.
A unique way they make you eat the meat is that once you grill it on one side, you flip it over, add the heavy iron weight and "time" it for 44 seconds!
Servings start from 7,000 won! What an amazing price!
Love Samgyupsal, but looking for a new way of eating it? This is actually an Italian restaurant that serves samgyupsal! You can eat it on top of pasta on the famous menu item "Samgyupsal Yaki Pasta".
One dish is 23,100 won. A bit pricy, but that is the cost of eating creative fusion!
We have added the location of the original store, but there are actually 2 in Shinchon!
They are famous for their 8 flavour/color samgyupsal menu! It comes in 8 different marinades including curry, soybean paste, wine, herb, and others!
One set is 30,000 won!
Mr. Tandool is a franchise of "indian style" samgyupsal! They add it to a skewer and create it like tandoori!
Because of the way they cook the meat, all the fat evaporates, leaving a savory and deep flavor without any of the oiliness!
Samgyupsal Skewer goes from 9,900 won!
This place is famous for the amazing flavor and depth of their meat! It is actually also  very modern, a place where you can enjoy the combination of wine and samgyupsal together in one place.
One serving of samgyupsal is 11,000, but you can get the Mogo A Set which also includes pork rib, fruits, and sausage for 38,000 won. 
We LOVE the sound of samgyupsal  grilling, and the flavor also! So what do you think? Are you interested in trying out some amazing samgyupsal this week?
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