Tuesday, April 12, 2016

3 Seoul Restaurants to Visit!

Asia's 50 Best Restaurants List!

Three Seoul restaurants managed to make it on the Asia's 50 Best Restaurant List!
So today, we thought we could introduce these three restaurants to you, and share with you some of their delicious food photos!
Jungsik in Cheongdam-dong, Runique in Sinsa-dong (there is even a comic about the restaurant!) and La Yeon at the Shilla Hotel are all contemporary cuisine restaurants that are quite expensive to visit- but a tip we would like to share is to visit the restaurants at lunch!
All three of the restaurants have a much more affordable lunch menu!
Last year, Jungsik was the only restaurant on the list, but this year there are 3!
Congratulations to the three Korean restaurants!


Jungsik restaurant is actually very famous, and is a Michelin 2 star restaurant in Korea! The restaurant is in a stand alone building and also has a bar- so if you are looking to try a nibble, the bar might be the best place to try!
Located in Cheongdam-dong and walking distance from Apgujeong Rodeo station, it is quite easy to find!
Have you seen this photo on instagram? It is probably their signature menu item, and totally famous- because all of it is edible! Based off the cute little status in Jeju-do, it is actually a sponge cake type of dessert, with ice cream.

Jungsik restaurant is one of the fancy, multi course menued restaurants that use seasonal ingredients to give you a real one of a kind experience!
A lunch course menu of 4 courses can set you back 50,000 won- but that is the most affordable alternative!


The restaurant Ryunique is a play on words- the chef Ryu, and Unique. He wanted to create something fantastical and original, and Ryunique is the product! It is a restaurant that features a lot of molecular gastronomy- which means very fancy, tiny portions to most of us.

What is also amazing is that the restaurant has inspired a comic, and you can find it online with English words! Of course the menu in the comic is a bit outdated (compared to the restaurant), but if you are not visiting Korea for a while, it is a great way of getting some background on this amazing restaurant!

The lunch menu starts from 68,000 won!


Layeon is a contemporary Korean restaurant located in the Shilla Hotel, and so the easiest to find! It is very famous and very fancy- probably THE place people go when they need to impress someone!
Of the list, it is the most recognizable as Korean food- they prepare dishes based on the seasonal best ingredients, as you can see from above!

The food is most recognizable as Korean cuisine, and probably the most elegant of the list of three! It is also the most expensive of the three (lunch will set you back almost a hundred dollars, per person!) but the photos are exquisite!
So these are the three Korean restaurants that managed to make the list! Which is your favorite? If you could visit one, which would it be?
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