Thursday, April 14, 2016

Banjang Tteobokki

Other than street Tteokbokki what other kind of Tteokbokki you guys can have in Korea? Today we would like to introduce one of a Kind of tteokbokki that prefer by korean and also Korean celebrities. This tteokbokki shop called

"Banjang Tteobokki"반장떡볶이
Let us tell you the history of this Banjang Tteokbokki
It started with
To recall the memory of Schoold days, automatically how the smile form at the sides of mouths. Missing the moment of spending the longest time beside class and school eating tteokbokki. To recall back this memory and how this "Banjang Tteokbokki" shop form.
So the interior of this restaurant is basically transform into classroom enviroment and their representative and specialty Menu
(just like how the picture above and below shown)
and in here when you order the food u have to play a game to decide who's the the one who gonna get the red apron.
(Game: Paper, scissors, Rock. loser gonna get it)
Besides that in this shop they do sell those  item such as snacks and sweets to represent old school time
And there's goes the menu
In two flavors: spicy Gochujang and less spicy Jajang (black bean sauce). You can choose the sauce and pick ingredients you want to put in your Tteokbokki. Then they bring a big pan with all the food and the waiter cooks in front of you. After finishing Tteokbokki, they put rice into the leftover sauce and make Bokkeumbab (fried rice) for you which brings the finale of the meal.
So for the price
For 2 people: 13,500won ~ 15,500won
For 4 people: 23,000won ~ 26,000won
Fried rice: 2500won
Address: Sinsa-dong, Gangnam Floor ,540-18 3 Seoul
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