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Jeju Camellia Hill

Being the largest and most beautiful island of Korea, Jeju island has always been a hot spot for all travelers, and for those who love flowers and exploring the beauty of nature, here's one place BnBHero highly recommends you to go in Jeju - the Camellia Hill!
Camellia Hill is the largest camellia garden in the East with a history of 30 years. It's one of the most popular sites on Jeju island, and one of the must-visit list recommended by local Koreans.
You can enjoy the beauty of camellia from over 80 countries here at one place. There are currently more than 6000 plants of 500 varieties of camellias in the arboretum. 
Camellia flower is famous all around the world for its sweet fragrance, Camellia Hill now grows 6 of the total 8 types fragrant camellia, each gives a charming scent that hard to forget.
Though camellia is a kind of plant which blossom in cold weather, usually winter, the Camellia Hill is a all-year-round arboretum which grows not only camellia, but also various local species of Jeju as well. 
Winter of Camellia Hill
Winter of Camellia Hill
Winter of Camellia Hill
Winter of Camellia Hill
Spring of Camellia Hill
Spring of Camellia Hill
Spring of Camellia Hill
Spring of Camellia Hill
The open time is different as below according to the change of seasons since there's no extra lights built inside the arboretum. 
<Everyday Open>
Winter Season (Dec. ~ Feb.):  08:30 - 17:00
Spring & Autumn Season (Mar. ~ May / Sep. ~ Nov.):  08:30 - 17:30
Summer Season (Jun. ~ Aug.):  08:30 - 18:00
Among them, the hydrangea season in summer is another favorite time for Korean visitors. The Camellia Hill also holds Hydrangea Festival during the time of hydrangea blossom~ 
Summer of Camellia Hill
Summer of Camellia Hill
Summer of Camellia Hill
Summer of Camellia Hill
So beautiful isn't it?! Price of tickets are fixed, so make sure you pick the right season to visit!!
Price of Tickets
Adult (19 ~64 years old)      7,000 (5,000 each for group)
Teenager (13 ~ 18 years old)      5,000 (4,000 each for group)
Child (3 ~ 12 years old)      4,000 (3,000 each for group)
Serviceman / Senior (above 65 years old)      5,000 (4,000 each for group)
Disabled (Lv.1~3) / National Merit      4,000 (3,000 each for group)
Autumn of Camellia Hill
Autumn of Camellia Hill
Autumn of Camellia Hill
Whenever you start feeling tired strolling around, be free to drop by at the cafe for some relaxing camellia tea. There are special seasonal menus made from natural ingredients only from Jeju island, too.

Don't forget to find some local natural products at store of Camellia Hill! There are natural camellia oil, balm, and camellia oil soaps for you to take home and keep enjoying the gifts of nature.
Camellia Oil
Camellia Oil Soap
Camellia Oil Balm
166 Byeongang-ro, Andeok-myeon, Jeju-do, Korea
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