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2015 Summer Top Beauty Haul Recommendations- Makeup Edition!

What about some color?

Part II of the Beauty Product Recommendation!

Previously we went through some famous pop-up stores in Korea, and recommended some skincare, primer, and mask products from our favorite Korean brands- now that your skin is prepped and ready to go, what about some color?
We at BnBHero have gone through the same stores and have some high quality makeup we would like to recommend! Whether they are popular it-items from the store, unique and very different from what is out there in the market or simply a fan favorite, we hope you enjoy our top recommendations!
The following brands are very common and can be found in most university districts, shopping districts, and even in shopping mall basements. We only name a few products, and each store has an endless supply of even more interesting beauty products and tools, so what about visiting a store on your next trip to Korea?

Curl Fix Mascara (12,000 won)

Have you seen the new curl fix Mascara at Etude House? Asian eyelashes that are long but straight and don't maintain curl, or short and sparse and still don't maintain curl- it is a nightmare, especially in the summer heat! Etude House promises not only to lengthen your eyelashes, but also curl and fix them into shape!
The before and after pictures are impressive, but we believe our reader need to experience it personally! It promises 24 hours of full, beautiful curls.
And comes in four different colors! How unusual is the pink one??

101 Play Pencils (6,000 each)

One of the most popular Etude House items also includes the Play 101 pencils! 6,000 won each, they come in a rainbow of shades, and are so versatile you might as well pick them up on your next visit! They come in creamy, glitter and glossy formulas and can be used as eyeliners, lipsticks, blush, eyeshadows, and even concealers!
They are also very long lasting, and easy to slip into your bag and clutch for the day or the evening- and they also come in such a variety of shades you are sure to find one you love! (We highly recommend #5 and #6 for subtle shimmer under the eyes!)

Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek Trio- (9,000 won)

Skinfood has a lip and cheek trio that is fruit themed, and comes in flattering tones of pinks and oranges for most skintones! In handy little metal cases, whether it is for a quick touch up on a more intense do-over, they come in four different shades!

Pore Fit Cushion Bottle SPF50+ PA+++ (25,000 won)

'Cushion' is a Korean terminology for a makeup that comes in a compact, but works like liquid foundation- and is stored in a spongy' cushion'. But what makes Skin Food's version amazing is that not only does it provide coverage, but it is actually cooling! Why pile on more makeup in this hot weather when there are amazing alternatives like this?
Simply twist, shaking and open, and use the cushion!

It is really cooling! Visit a Skin Food store and try it out yourself!

Moisture Cushion SPF50+ PA+++  (16,900 won)

So what does a cushion look like? Like this! Most stores have their own version, and in this article we cover many varieties! The one offered by the Face Shop promises to deliver super hydrated skin, is 'all-proof' and also long lasting!
Most stores in Korea are also having sales and promotions! So be sure to shop around so you take full advantage!

Cushion (20,000 won)

Innis Free has 3 different cushions for your skin type and weather! Long Wear Cushion for the summer and for people who require tough, resistant coverage, Waterglow Cushion for those who are looking for a more natural finish and hydration, and Ampoul Intense Cushion which is mostly for the winter, and provides excellent coverage with a heaping of ampoul nutrients for dryer skin!
Most of Korea's coverage only comes in 3 or 4 shades, so be sure to try them out to find the one that is closest to your skin tone!
Long wear cushion offers 12 hours of full coverage!

The Waterglow Cushion offers full hydration for your skin while also offering coverage!

While the Ampoule Intense offers 24 hour hydration and full hydration!

Aritaum offers a lot of different brands, but two items that were highly recommended to us from the salesgirls were the BB Cushion and Lipstick by Laneige!

 BB cushion (19,000 won)

Laneige's BB Cushion offers the same benefits as BB Cream, but in Cushion form! It makes it easier to carry around for touch ups during the day, and you can be sure that you will look fresh all day, any time!

Additionally, it comes in 5 different shades so perhaps you will be able to find one that suits your skintone!

Laneige has many different types of cushion, so we recommend checking out their store and seeing what works the best for your skin needs!

2 Tone Lip Bar (25,000 won)

One trend in Korea is gradient lips- whether it is one color or two color, Laneige has come up with a one stick answer that offers two tones! While traditionally you are meant to paint the inside of your lips the darker color, it is up to you!

The two tone lip bars come in many different colors for those who want a more natural look, and others who might want to amp it up a little bit and make it a little bit more intense. It is totally up to you!
Whats your favorite color?

Double long lash Shaper  (19,000 won)

Do you think most mascaras are flimsy, or are they too thick to offer you total control? Too Cool for School's Double Long Lash Shaper has a thick end, and a teeny tiny end to give you back all your control! Now you will be able to coat every single eyelash- even the baby ones!

You hardly need anything else with eyelashes like this!

Dinoplatz Escalator Mascara (19,000 won)

Why is this mascara so special? Because you can control the length of your want by a twist of a dial! By making it longer you can coat your eyelashes evenly and lengthen it, or you can shorten the wand and go for amping up the volume instead! Whether you are in the middle of natural curls are large fluttering eyelashes, it is up to you, and possible with one mascara!

You can lengthen and shorten it with a twist of a dial!

Shading- Art class by Rodin (16,000 won)

Do you know Korean girls are very good at contouring and face shading naturally? Do you find yourself a beginner? Too Cool for School offers one item that will help you shade your face- and instructions too! This all in one highlighter and contouring pack will give you the definition you need!

 Cube lipsticks (20,000 won)

VDL is famous for offering real high quality color and coverage with the expertise of makeup professionals- and what better example than their cube lipsticks? With a shape that makes it easier to outline, color and accentuate our lips, VDL Cube Lipsticks come in various shades and types!

Wondergirls Ahn So-hee is also a fan! Check out this quick snippet of her applying the stunning crimson shade!

Metal cushion foundation (30,000 won)

VDL also has their own cushion, but theirs has a metal base!

Similar to their skin care products, Olive Young has so many different brands and products that we could do an entire article on Olive Young Products only! But there are a few brands and products we would like to highlight!

Peripera Lip Tints (Lip crayon, 9,000 won) (Ink, 9,000 won) (Tint water, 7,000 won)

Peripera is famous for their lip products, and they have such a variety we are sure you will find someone you will love!

From Lip Crayons that offer the perfect juicy hint of color.

Lip Inks that offer a sexier, intense vibe.

To Tint waters that offer a barely there, fresh glow and smudge to your lips!

Magic Lip Tattoo (6,900 won)

We saw this recently and wanted to share! Lip Tattoos that you apply, wait and then peel off, this gives your lips a semi-permanent stain that can last for hours- and can look oh-so-flushed in a natural way!

You need to give it ten minutes, but look at how amazing the results are!

These come in a variety of shades, so check out your nearest Olive Young!

Mamonde Pang Pang hair shadow (15,000 won)

No, this isn't eyeshadow, but hair shadow!

It comes in 3 different colors and is for you to fill in your hair line! Koreans really have come up with everything!

Lip Couture (19,000 won)

This is actually very comparable to a famous high end lip product that sold out overnight in Korea, but even better because it is more affordable! Non-drying, high-impact color with full hydration and no stickiness, they come in a variety of different shades and colors.
Don't worry! The colors aren't really as intense as they look in the photos!

Foundation   (32,000-35,000)

Espoir is also very famous for their foundation, and they come in a variety of shades!

The nude fit foundation is supposed to offer coverage but be almost 'nude' in looking completely natural against your skin.  
While the Nude Liquid Powder is actually liquid, but transforms into a soft powdery finish! It hugs your skin but provides full coverage, and is ideal for those special dates and nights where you need something to last all night!
So what do you think about our collection? Did anything pique your interest? Or did you skip out something you want to know more of? Let us know in the comments!
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