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Hongdae Dessert Tour - Beat the Summer Heat with Cold Desserts!

What will you be doing this summer to beat the heat?

Hongdae (or Hongik University) is one of our most popular destinations with our BnBHero guests, and so we've put together a great dessert tour for you! Why not beat the heat and take a break from shopping and sightseeing by trying out some of Hongdae's famous dessert cafes?

Hongdae Dessert Tour Google Map

One of Korea's most famous desserts is bingsu! A korean red bean paste dessert that is very popular in the summer, while the traditional, minimalistic form is a mountain of softly shaved ice topped with homemade red beans and fluffy rice cakes, Korea also has a variety of bingsu flavors. We've compiled a list of some of the more popular bingsu cafes in Hongdae!
Traditional Bingsu
Okrumong is a very famous for their soft bingsus, and their homemade red bean paste. Do you love red bean paste and think the amount on top of the ice is too little? Don't worry! There is also red bean paste hidden inside the ice!
Green Tea Bingsu
With portions that are more than generous for two people and also a slice of green tea roll cake on the side, Be Sweet On uses real, high quality matcha powder from Tokyo to make their green tea rolls and green tea bingsu! The cafe is quaint and very pretty, with a peaceful atmosphere perfect of those who want to wind down after a hectic day of shopping!
Strawberry Bingsu
Cafe Peony is one of the most highly recommended cafes that you must visit if you have the time! They are very famous for their strawberry shortcake, but doesn't their strawberry bingsu also look amazingly appetizing? There are two different locations in Hongdae, but we've attached the address to the one closest to Hongik University, so that you can always visit the university also!
Fruit Bingsu
Are you a fan of strawberries, but also of other fruits? Or does redbean paste make you feel guilty for treating yourself to dessert? What about a fruit bingsu instead? Technically it is fruit, and ice, so isn't that the same as a really, really good fruit juice? Dalsuda has many different varieties of bingsu, but their fruit bingsu is also to die for! Look at all those generous, chunky pieces of fruit!
Melon Bingsu
Koreans are very health conscious, but they are also very into presentation! This Melon Bingsu not only looks good but is very delicious also- look at all those round, plump balls of juicy melon! Cafe Elga is famous for their melon bingsu, and the secret is that inside there is also bingsu and red bean paste!
Sweet Potato Bingsu
Are you looking for something a bit more exotic, but also very Korean? Cafe Bing-Go is very popular for sweet potato fanatics, and they also have a sweet potato bingsu! Have you tried sweet potato cake, or even sweet potato latte? If you have, you will fall in love with this! Soft ice, sweet potato powder, and a roast sweet potato on top which is also topped with honey, it is sweet, savory, cold and absolutely delicious.
Cheese Bingsu
Cheese in your bingsu? It is actually very addictive! The cheese is soft and creamy, and more like cream cheese- Sullian Cafe has many different variety of bingsu and also other desserts that are infused with Korean flavors, but we highly recommend that you try their Cheese Bingsu! Do you like to mix your sweet and savory flavors together?
Ice Creams
Bingsu is a sure way to cool down and beat the heat, but Korea also has other cold dessert alternatives- in the form of ice cream! Some of the following are very interesting and unique play on ice creams, and what is great is that the portions are small enough that if you are serious, you could visit all the places in one day!
Soft Icecream and Injullmi Ice Ball
Sobok is a very healthy, all natural ingredient dessert cafe that has a very minimalistic design, but very addictive flavors! You highly recommend the soft ice cream, but also the injullmi ice ball! Injullmi is a ground soy bean flavoring that is popular with Koreans as a powder on rice cakes, but this combines both traditional Korean flavors in small, addictive bites of cool heaven!
Customized Icecream
Are you very creative, and do you like to demonstrate your creativity by designing food? You might fall in love with Ma Creme! They have a customizable ice cream where you decide the flavor of the hard shell, as well as toppings! Go as wild as you want, or stick to traditional flavors!
Macaron Burger
Looking for a different kind of ice cream? Antique Cafe's macaron burger combines ice cream with one of Korea's dessert obsessions- macaron! You can choose the flavor of ice cream, as well as macaron, and also sprinkles! Be careful though because once it starts melting, it can get a bit messy!
Popsicle Sticks
Looking for handmade icecream in a variety of interesting flavors? Molly's Pops has both traditional, amazing flavors like strawberry and yoghurt, and also the unusual such as wasabi and cheese! The flavors do vary depending on the season, but they are the perfect on the go dessert that won't get you as messy as some of the other choices!
Nitrogen Icecream
Voila was one of the first stores in Hongdae to offer nitrogen icecream, and the small, intimate space is a perfect place to rest your aching legs during your shopping experience! Located near several stores and cafes, they have a minimalistic menu but each flavor was carefully thought out for the maximum impact!
It's great to see how amazing and diverse the dessert offerings are in Hongdae, but WHERE are they, you ask? Each one of these cafes has been plotted out on this public googlemap- so whether you visit one, or visit all, you can use the google map to plot the rest of your experience in Hongdae Also!

Hongdae Dessert Tour Google Map

What is your favorite type of dessert, and how do you like our recommendations?
BnBHero wants to provide a local experience to our readers, so we will be working on more recommendations in the future! Is there anything specific you would like more information on? Let us know in our comments!
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