Saturday, December 12, 2015

Don't be afraid of renting a car in Jeju island

Renting a car and driving in jeju is a great way to travel Jeju island. Jeju is a quite good place to drive, even for first time visitors to Korea (Jeju probably is the only easy place in Korea for foreign tourists to drive). Also, Followings may help your decision whether you will enjoy Jeju by self-driving or by other ways.
- Jeju has quite simple road system (only few main roads)
- Jeju is not as crowded as other areas in Korea
- Different side driving is not so difficult as many people concern
- You can 100% customize your itinerary in Jeju and can visit more places
- You can use English navigation device
Are you wondering how it is easy/difficult or how much it is enjoyable? Read other travelers' blogs and clear your concerns about it! ^ ^
Now, do you feel that you love to drive in Jeju? Then, find detail information about 'Renting a Car in Jeju' from following information sheets (To enlarge following images. please click them).

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