Saturday, December 12, 2015

Jjimjilbang at Dongdaemun Market

BnBHero's Jjimjilbang Suggestion (at Dongdaemun Market)
Are you looking for a foreigner friendly Jjimjilbang with nice facility in Seoul? Here is BnBHero's Jjimjilbang suggestion for our guests!
Sparex Dongdaemun at the Basement 3~4th floor of GoodMorningCity Building (this building is in Dongdaemun Market Complex and MegaBox theater in the same building, Subway 'Dongdaemun History & Culture Park' station/ Exit 13~14 / line 2 and 4).
Why do we recommend Sparex at Dongdaemun Market? It's because of good facilities and very convenient location. From our more than 30 years Jjimbang experience, we carefully selected this place for our guests. ^ ^

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