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2015 Summer Top Beauty Haul Recommendations- Skin Edition!

2015  Summer Pop-Up Store Recommendations 

Did you know most Korean women apply up to 7 different products to their skin- and that is before makeup?
Every season there are new and exciting products available at high end and more affordable Korean brands, so this week we at BnBHero thought we could recommend some beauty items to our readers!
We have focused on pop-up stores, of famous brands that you can find almost everywhere in Seoul, and in Korea! This is only a small sample of the variety of amazing products that are out there, so whether you are coming to Korea or you know someone who is, what about checking out some of the amazing products?
The Skin Edition consists of skin products, base, primers etc that you can apply that doesn't really constitute as makeup.

Beauty Shot Face Blur (15,000 won)

Beauty Shot Face Blur is Etude's House answer for a perfect primer that will have you looking flawless and make Photoshop unecessary! It 'blurs' out fine lines and pores, and gives you an overall healthy glow that will accentuate your face!

By evening out skin tone, erasing pores and reducing redness, what about dropping by Etude House and checking out their new primer?

 Black Sugar Mask Wash Off (7,700 won)

The Black Sugar Wash-off Scrub is one of Skin Food's most popular products, and especially recommended for people who want a product that targets blackheads! Simply massage it into the skin gently and use it as a scrub! The Skin Food is  famous for products that use all natural ingredients- and as their name says, about using 'food' for the 'skin'!

 Black Sugar Perfect First Serum (21,000 won)

The Black Sugar Serum came out a few years ago, but it is still a very popular item with Koreans! A 'serum' is similar to an essence, and is applied to the face after toner and before moisturizer- so many different steps! This serum has won many awards, and even has a famous Korean actress for its model!

Isn't Lee Min-Jung beautiful? If only one product was all it took to look like her!

Panda Dream White Magic Cream (8,800 won)

 Tony Moly carries a lot of different brands and items, but one item we must recommend is their creams, handcreams and lipbalms with adorable packaging! This face cream is part of their Panda Dream line, and there are many more variations!

Egg Pore Blackhead Steams Calm and Cooling Pack (8,800 won)

Tony Moly also has these adorable egg shaped packs for you to battle your blackheads with! Coming in warm and cool packs, they are small and come in adorable packaging- what about picking up both, and sharing one with a friend? 

Lip Balm (Around 4,720 won)

Tony Moly also has many different fruit scented and fruit flavored lip balms! Coming in apple, blueberry, strawberry, peach and even banana, they are very small, convenient, and smell very delicious. They are also a very convenient souvenir to pick up for your friends, because who doesn't love moisturizing their lips?

Look how small the banana lipbalm is! The hand is also very small, it only looks large compared to the tiny banana!

 Chia Seed Sebum control Moisture Water (22,900 won)

The Face Shop's Chia Seed Line is popular with both men and women who have oily skin, but their Moisture Water is especially famous! Used similar to a toner/serum, it is applied after washing the face, and is said to help control oiliness- perfect for people living in hot, tropical countries! It is also a winner of a beauty award by Allure.

There are also many other items in the Chia Seed line, so what about visiting your nearest Face Shop and seeing what else they have?
Character Mask (2,500 won)

This is my favorite item  because it is so fun! Although many other brands also have their own character/animal mask, what about visiting Faceshop and stocking up on a few? The black ones all have the same property, and it is only the face character that is different, while the white ones also differ with property. Have you seen Korean models, singers and famous bloggers wearing these and taking photos? What about doing the same?

They come in many different animal characters, and also with different properties! What about buying one each and sharing them as friends either based on skin concerns, or on Chinese horoscope?

You can find them in the 'Sheet Mask' section of the store!

Blur pact (12,000 won) No sebum blur powder (8,000 won)

No sebum mineral powder (6,000  won)

Do you have oily skin? Or hair that gets oily during the day? The No Sebum line at Innis free is very popular with beauty bloggers and Koreans! There are many different products in their line, some with color and some that are transparent- we highly recommend picking up a few and seeing which one you like the best!

Sometimes what we do when we have been out all day is also apply some of the transparent powder to our hairline to mop up some of the extra grease on our forehead!

What is the difference between the one with color and one without? One offers more precise control of your coverup than the other! But depending on your skin tone, Korea's shades might not be an exact match.

Green tea serum line

Green tea seed cream (20,000 won) Green tea seed serum (22,000 won)

One of the most popular skincare lines at Innis Free is their Green Tea Serum line! It offers control, balance and also hydration-but is also ideal of combination and oily skin!

Currently you can buy their green tea seed line as a cream (for people with thirstier skin) or as a serum (those who might be concerned about overly hydrating their skin.)

Although Aritaum has their own brand also, this is a perfect pit stop if you want to buy many products from a variety of brands! When we visited the store, most of the items that were highly recommended to us was actually from the Laneige line!

Power Essential Skin Refiner (27,000 won) Moisture Balancing Emulsion (30,000 won)

Two of the most popular items was the skin refiner and balancing emulsion, especially from visitors from hotter, tropical countries that did not want to buy products that would 'weigh' down their skin! Both are incredibly light, and effective in helping smooth out and even skin tone, while hydrating it from the inside out.

Korean women always prioritize having smooth, hydrated skin! So they are always on the look out for products that are effective and efficient, and won't waste time with inefficient products!

 Water Sleeping mask (28,000 won) Firming Sleeping Pack (30,000 won)

Have you heard about sleeping masks? It is a thin mask cream you put on your face before you go to sleep, to ensure that during the night during your most optimum sleep rest cycle your body receives the proper nutrients to enhance your skin's properties and give it the maximum chance to glow and shine the next day!

Laneige has one that is called a Water Sleeping Mask, and another one that is a Firming Sleeping Pack, so depending on your needs you might prefer one or the other!

For our younger readers who do not have to worry about firming products yet, the water sleeping pack might be the best choice!
 What about a commercial by Laneige that best captures the benefits of using a Sleeping Mask?
Have you tried using the sleeping mask before? What do you think?

Individual Masks (1,000 won each)

If you are looking for some perfect travel items, and souvenirs, what about these individual mask packs? They are very affordable, and come in different colors- what about putting one in the fridge and using it cool, to help also ward of the hot summer's heat?

Beyond is most famous for their body products, whether it is their body creams, mists, or shower gels- of these, there are a few that we would like to highlight- so when you have the time, drop by a Beyond Store! It is difficult to convey the beauty of the scents in writing.

Body Mist (13,000 won)


Beyond carries a lot of body mists, which is perfect to spritz on after a shower, or even as a light perfume directly on your skin! They come in different scents, some that are more fruity and some that are a little bit more musky and like perfume, but they are light, come in small and colorful packaging and perfect to throw into your bag when you plan on being outdoors all day.

Body line- Deep Moisturizer (12,000~34,000 won)

One of the most popular lines at Beyond is their Deep Moisture line, which has a very clean, fresh scent. Sort of a mix between fresh laundry and cotton, and sunshine and with a little bit of baby shampoo? If you have tried their product before, how would you describe it?

Hand lotion (8,900 won)

Their best seller also includes hand lotion it that come in very cute designs!

Which is your favorite?

Patches / animal themes (prices vary)

They also carry a line of very adorable patches! Whether they are cooling and relaxing patches for your legs after a long day of walking, 'slimming patches, or patches for your face, they have such cute designs that we feel tempted to buy them just because of the pictures!

The different animals represent different concerns, so what about you? Do you think will you pick one based on the concern, or because it is so adorable?

Cooling Gel (6,900 won)

The cooling gel is based on Jeju Bamboos, and holds a very smooth texture, rather like the hand sanitizers, and is very quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving behind just a faint, crisp scent. You can use it on your skin, your face, or even your hair, either as a body lotion or (even better I think!) as an after sun cooling gel. Putting it on your skin after a hot day- it will be heaven!

Jeju Cleansing Water (10,500 won)

Cleansing oils are famous, but have you used Cleansing Water before? It is even better if you have false eyelash extensions- because cleansing water will not break down the glue! Nature Republic's Cleansing Water is said to be so strong, it can work with all waterproof makeup- even though it is 'water'!

What about testing it out yourself and seeing if it works?

Argan Essential Hairmask (8,000 won)

Argan Essential Hair Pack is part of their Argan Essential line, and comes in a handy little tub and is perfect for deep care. Used as a 'treatment', apply some on your hair and let it be absorbed for 10~15 minutes, and feel the difference!

If you like their product, what about checking out some of their other lines?

Moisture Cream (12,500 won)

Super Aqua Max Moisture Cream promises to help your skin retain its hydration for 72 hours- and comes in three different types for dry, oily, and combination skin!
What is your skin type?

Lumilayer Primer (21,000 won)

VDL is more famous for their color makeup products, but their Lumilayer Primer also comes highly recommended! It gives a glow and a 3-d effect, so that your skin is enhanced- all the better to take photos with during your Korea trip!

Olive Young is a playground, and an entire article could be dedicated to the products! But we wanted to highlight two, simply because they are so unique and interesting!

Dreamworks and Olive Young Collaboration (Prices Vary)

Do you know there are many different types of sheet masks? Have you tried the Hydro Gel Masks? They feel a little bit like jelly and stick straight to your skin! Dreamworks and Olive Young have come up with an amazing collaboration, and you can find three different masks, three different colors and combating three different skin concerns!

The 'I am the Real Shrek' Mask is green and perfect for people with skin trouble! It is hydrating and healing, and will help calm down inflamed skin- but what we love is that your face will be shrek green!

I am the watery penguin' is a blue mask full of hydrating properties to help give your skin that extra glow- what about using it in the afternoon and resting your skin before a night out in the town?

I am the Amazing Kungfu Panda is perfect for people with wrinkle and pore concerns, and it is not as strange as it looks! (At least less strange than the Shrek Mask!)

Mediheal mask (1,500 - 2,000 won)

Having a girl's night out or a slumber party? What about these very pretty face masks? Each has a different type to battle your skin concern, but also the mask etched onto the sheet is beautiful!
What do you think about our recommendations? There are many different brands and specific products we have not managed to cover, but if there is one you are interested in, let us know!
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