Sunday, December 20, 2015

Making Korean Citron Tea!! Best Winter Drink!!

Citron, or Pomelo is a fragrant fruit known as ‘유자’ or Yuja in Korea. It’s believed very good to people’s health for it contains loads of vitamin-C and especially good in winter!!

Yuja-cha (유자차), or citron tea is the most popular fruit tea in Korea, you can find them basically in every supermarket or convenience store in Korea. And recent years the trend has spread around Japan, China and many other countries, people are growing huge fans of this healthy and tasty drink~

The fragrant smell and mild sweet tangerine taste made Korean Citron Tea a great drink for both young and senior. Drinking hot Citron Tea also comforts and smooths your throat so well, I used to have it a lot every time I caught a cold or felt dry in my throat during winter. It really helps you get better!
Today let’s learn the famous Korean Citron Tea welcomed by all Koreans and tourists to Korea. It’s super easy!!
1. Prepare the Citrons
Yuja tea (Yujacha_ 유자차)[22-01-11]
2. Cut in half
Yuja tea (Yujacha_ 유자차)[22-02-20]
3. Slice it really thinly with the skin and remove the seeds

Yuja tea (Yujacha_ 유자차)[22-02-53]

Yuja tea (Yujacha_ 유자차)[22-05-35]

4. Add sugar! ( can be replaced with honey, or half sugar half honey)

Yuja tea (Yujacha_ 유자차)[22-06-38]
5. Then MIX

Yuja tea (Yujacha_ 유자차)[22-06-53]
6. Boil water and ready to enjoy

Yuja tea (Yujacha_ 유자차)[22-08-23]

This recipe is from my favorite Korean cooking blogger Maangchi~ And here’s her video on how to make this great winter beverage!!

**screen shots and video from Maangchi
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