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All Korea Travel Information (E-books)

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  1. SightSeeing City Tours in Korea
This book contains information on the City Tour operation for 123 courses in 15 cities that have well-established City Tour services for foreign tourist.
1. 2015 City tour (Sightseeing city tour in Korea).png
2. Coupon book(Gyeonsang regions)

4. Coupon book(Gyeongsang regions)
3. Coupon book(Kangwon&metropolitan area)
2. Coupon book(Kangwon & metropolitan area)
4. Coupon book(Chungcheong and Jeolla Regions)

3. Coupon book(Chungcheong & Jella regions)

5. Keyword to Korea
Here are some keywords to Korea. Take a look, and if any of them rings a bell, then you already know something about Korea! If not, then you’re in for some fun learning, beginning with the very first “Annyeonghaseyo!” that we extend to you: “Hi, How are you?”
5. Keyword to Korea
6. Travel Guide Korea
This guidebook is divided into two parts: The Themed Travel section organizes top attractions by different themes and the Korea by Region section groups attractions by their location. Visitors considering a certain theme for traveling around Korea should be sure to check the must-see areas of the Themed Travel section, while those who have already chosen their destination my discover other attractions nearby the Korea by Region section.
6. Travel guide Korea
7. ็Hansik (Korea traditional food)
Over the course of Korea’s 5,000-year history, Korean cuisine has evolved to include natural foods that are as nutritious as they are tasty. In line with he health trend worldwide, Korea cuisine is now becoming as ubiquitous as other popular Korea cultures such as K-pop and K-drama.
7. Hansilk(Korean traditional food)
8. A guide touring industrial destinations of Korea
Searching for the Hidden Jewels in Industrial Tourism.
8. A guide touring industrial destinations of Korea
9. Korea travel guide for FIT (Free Independent travelers)
This guidebook is aimed to provide travel information for Free Independent Travelers, who represent the vast majority of tourists who visit Korea. Korea is filled with infinite attractions beyond your imagination. Get ready to “Imagine your Korea.”
9.Korea travel guide.png
10. Muslim friendly restaurants in Korea
It includes a catalogue of dishes with informational tags to help Muslims make informed food choices. To ensure accuracy, we received valuable input from the Korea Muslim Federation as well as Islamic culture and halal food experts. We hope this book helps the Muslim community discover the richness and diversity of Korea’s culinary delights.
10. Muslim friendly restaurants in Korea
11. Safe travel in Korea
If you are having a hard time with shopping, lodging, transportation and communication, there are many places to ask for help including the 1330 Korea Travel Hotline, the tourist police and the walking tour guides. This booklet provides useful safety information, as well as ways to prepare and respond to various situations.
11. Safe travel in Korea.png
12. Visit the Catholic sites in Korea
Due to His Holiness Pope Francis’ honorable visit to Korea, this booklet introduces major Catholic sites in Korea and nearby attractions along with the Pope’s itinerary.
12. Visit the Catholic sites in Korea.png

13. A story on Korea food street(2014)
Let’s feel the true charm of Korea’s food culture on food themed streets.
13. A story on Korean food street(2014).png

14. Restaurant guide for Muslim visitors
This book contains useful information on restaurants located in different regions of Korea.
14. Restaurant guide for Muslim visitors.png

15. Korea tourist map (Area map)

15. Korea tourist man(Area maps)
16. Korea tourist map (National map)

17. Korea, free&easy (A quick guide for free independent travelers)
This booklet aims to help free independent travelers make the most of their visit to one of Asia’s most fascinating destinations. The booklet concludes with basic travel information, including transportation and accommodation tips.
17. Korea, free & easy(A quick guide for free independent travelers).png

18. Easy Korean Cooking
You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the delicious wealth of Korean foods and of their distinctive aromas and flavors. Delightful ingredients create delectable and healthy dishes that linger on your taste buds, making mouthwatering memorable experiences of Korean culinary culture.
18. Easy Korean cooking
19. A story on Korean food street(2013)
Experience the true charm of Korea’s food and culture at especially themed food streets.

20. Gyeongju Juangang market
A place that has preserved its historical legacy well, Gyeongju is a treasure trove of cultural heritages recognized the world over. In addition to all that can be seen and enjoyed in Gyeongju, the traditional market experience is not to be missed. Gyeongju’s Jungang Market, located closes to Anapji Pond and the Daereungwon Tomb Complex, is an economical and convenient stop along your travels that is chockfull of delicious things to eat and filled with the warm smiles of Gyeongju’s citizens.
20. Gyeongju Jungang market.png
21. Jeonju Nambu market
Mention the word ‘Jeonju’ to Koreans and several words usually come to mind, such as bibimbap, hanok village, and film festival, among others. Nambu Market and the city of Jeonju sit within the Honam Plain, Kora’s largest fertile farmland, known as the ‘rice bowl'(aka ‘breadbasket’) of the nation. Nambu Market not only serves as a local base of commerce for the people of the region, but has also made its mark as a unique and unconventional destination for tourists.
22. Jeju Dongmun market
The largest island of South Korea and the only part of Korea with a subtropical climate, Jejudo Island is the nation’s premier vacation spot. Many flock to Dongmun Market, a well-established place of local commerce, to experience the thriving life of the island’s people.
22. Jeju Dongmun market
23. Chuncheon Nangman market
It is a given that your visit to Chuncheon will take you along the always-packed Myeongdong Road downtown. Towards the end, you will find a warm, inviting, and boisterous environment known as Nangman market.
23. Chuncheon Nangman market.png
24. Korea industry tourism (Discover what’s made in korea)
The world is marveling at Korea’s rapid economic growth. Korean products can be seen anywhere and everywhere in the world. Korea’s endless revolution, commitment to its customers and strive to be the best will never stop. “DISCOVER What’s MADE IN KOREA”is a new brand that symbolizes industrial Korea. Right now, the infinite possibilities of industrial Korea and a brighter future awaits you.
25. Illustrated booklet on Korea

25. Illustrated booklet on Korea.png

26. Biicycle path map (Hangang)
27. Bicycle path map (Nakdonggang)
27. Bicycle path map(Nakdonggang)
28. Bicycle path map (Geumgang&Yeoungsangang)
29. Korean cuisine (Hebrew)
29. Korean cuisine(Hebrew)
30. Korea travel guide for Muslim visitors(2012)
31. Korean school excursion guide
31. Korean school excursion guide.png

32. Journey together
Journey together aims to offer the most recent and precise tourism information for those who have not been able to enjoy travel because of their age or disabilities.
32. Journey together
33. Experience at night at Hanok(Korea traditional house)
Spend a night at a hanok and experience the wisdom of our ancestors, who knew how to put nature to work.
33. Experience at night at Hanok(Korean traditional house).png
34. Korea travel guide for Malaysians
35. Pilgrimage to Korea’s world heritage site
34. Pilgrimage to Korea's world heritage sites

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