Monday, February 22, 2016

Best view of Seoul from Namsan Tower Observatory!


Have you ever been to Namsan Tower?

Namsan Tower is a very iconic building in Seoul (I am sure you recognize the tower in the photo above) and a top destination not only for tourists, but Koreans alike. This is where you can see  an unparalleled 360 view of Seoul, and also enjoy some amazing cultural sight!
Located on Namsan Mountain (Nam meeting North and San meeting Mountain) it used to be an actual broadcasting station before it was open to the public!

Enjoy 360 views of Seoul!

All visitors are able to access the observatory  (for a PRICE!) and enjoy the spectacular views of Seoul! But if you are going to visit it anyways, what about getting a great discount?

Check out the BnB Hero Observatory Discount! 

Original price : Adult 10,000 KRW (approximately $10 USD)
Discount price on BNBHERO : Adult $8 USD
If you make a reservation on BnbHero we will remain you an e-voucher! All you have to do is take this voucher to the information desk to receive the entrance ticket!


Check out the BnB Hero Observatory Discount! 

  1. Make a reservation and payment on the BnB Hero Website!
  2. You will receive an e-voucher by email.
  3. Print the e-voucher
  4. Take the E-voucher to the information desk (photo above, directions below) and exchange it for a ticket!
  5. Now you can enter the observatory!


-This ticket is for access to the Observatory only. -Observatory Opening Hours are 10:00~23:00 (On Saturdays open until 24:00) 
-This ticket is valid up until 2016 December 31 
-For more detail information about N Seoul Tower, visit

How to get to Namsan Tower

The easiest way to get to Namsan Tower is to take a taxi, but that is also the most expensive!

The most affordable way is to take one of the 3 shuttle buses that are available!
The three shuttles operate when the observatory is open, and it costs the same amount as a normal bus! What is also great is that if you have a transportation card, it is a super convenient way to travel!
Check out the different bus routes listed above, and choose what is the most convenient for you!

The most interesting way to get to Namsan Tower?

Cable Car!!


Check out the official website for more information!


Opening Hours

There are many very interesting things to do at Namsan Tower, and a lot to each! One of the most famous activities to do is to bring a lock with your name and your significant other’s, and leave it on the tower!

Are you excited to visit Namsan Tower Observatory?

We are!

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