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5 Amazing Makkeolli places in Hongdae!

Do you remember our post on traditional Korean Alcohol?
Today we thought we could introduce some amazing Makkeoli places that recently were featured in Naver News!
We handpicked from the selection the ones that still receive great reviews online (as of March 2016), and hope you have a chance to visit them!

What is Makkeolli?

Takju is also known as makgeolli in Korea, and it is made with rice. It usually has lower alcohol content of about 6-7%, and has a milky, opaque color. Depending on what ingredients are used to ferment it and how long it has been, there are various different flavors and strengths! Traditionally it is enjoyed by farmers after a long day at the fields, and also by hikers after exercising!
There are two different ways of drinking it! Some people like to mix the makkeoli so that the sediment is evenly spread, but others don’t like to mix it saying it causes headaches more easily- and please be aware! Makgeolli is known to cause headaches the next day, so be sure to drink slowly, and with alot of food!
Makgeolli can be served in metal kettles, clay pots or in bottles, but they all taste delicious!

Why Hongdae?

This article focus on Hongik University Area because this is one of the most popular areas with our guests! It is located on the North side of the Han River, and is a popular university district.
Hongik University is especially famous for their arts and music, which means this is a cultural hob nob for very interesting exhibitions and shows put on by students! Very, VERY popular both on weekends and weekdays, Hongik University is also very close to other top Korean Universities such as Yonsei University, Sejong University and Ewha University.

1. Seonyeon Makkeolli

Seonyeon Makkeolli is a very small makkeoli restaurant/cafe that became famous because Korean celebrity Ha Jeong-Woo visited it! It is a very intimate and casual vibe, with a cafe like interior and amazing makkeolli cocktails with lots of fruit!
The menu is very affordable and is aimed that university students. food costs between 10~ 20 thousand won a plate, while the maekkolli goes from 6,500 won for 500 ml. makkeolli
A small pitcher is about 500ml! So it is a perfect way to order a few pitchers and try out the different flavours!

The restaurant is also famous for their side dishes! a lot of the dishes they have are slightly fusion, and makes a great pairing with the sweet makkeolli cocktails!
Telephone Number: 010-7262-7897
Operating Hours :  Weekdays: 18:00~01:00 / (Closed every monday)
Weekends 17:00~02:00

2. Gazette Suljib

Gazette Suljib is located outside of Habjeong Station, but it is a franchise so there is also one outside of Sangsu station!
They are famous for their fruit makkeolli, a place where you can try all 12 kinds of traditinal makkeolli from the different regions of South Korea, but also as a place where you can experience different flavours of makkeolli all at once! (What a great idea!)
On the menu they have Makkeolli "Courses" where you can try of variety of different makkeolli at once!
The cuisine is more oriented to traditional Korean cuisine, so it is a great place to try traditional Korean food pairings with traditional Korean liquor!
Telephone Number: 010-3724-7850
Operating Hours :  Weekdays: 11:00~22:00 (Closed on Sundays)

3. Ddarujumak

Slowly becoming famous and popular on social media, this is a unique Korean makkeoli place because it is run by a non Korean!
The owner is a Finnish woman who opened her own Korean bar! With interior that combines Korean and Finnish decoration, the makkeoli is priced at an attractive rate for students, and the food is wholly Korean!
What a great and amazing atmosphere!makkeolli13
While officially they are open to 2 am, actually the owner says that they are open until they run out of the food!
Telephone Number: 02-325-3322
Operating Hours :   17:00~02:00 / (Closed every monday)

4. Black Shoe (Geomjeong Gomushin)

This restaurant is very popular with Koreans living in the interior, because it is a very vintage feel, old Korea type of bar!
It uses the decor of an old fashioned restaurant, and it is a great place where you can enjoy traditional Korean food and liquor, especially because it comes in the traditional kettle!
The menu prices are reasonable, with most of the food between 15,000~30,000 won. You should definitely check out the "recommended dishes"!

They are most famous for their "Dakdoritang", which is a spicy and savory stew with chicken and noodles that is cooked right in front of you!
Telephone Number: 02-322-9525
Operating Hours : 11:00~15:00 / 17:00~02:00 

5. Makkapa

Makkapa is the most "bar" like group out of the makkeolli restaurants and bars that we have introduced today! It is located on the second floor, so be sure to be on the lookout for the sign! (It is the black one on top of Sally's Guitar) makkeolli19
The inside is dark, but when you are with your friends does it matter? The menu has a wide variety of interesting food and drinks, typical for a Korean bar.makkeolli20
So why did we save this place for last?

Unlimited Refill Makkeolli!makkeolli21

They offer 3 variety of makkeolli that you can enjoy for 2 hours, a 6,900 won a person!
Telephone Number: 02-714-1224
Operating Hours :16:30~4:30 
So this is a list of some amazing makkeolli places near Hongdae! What do you think? Know any more?
Let us know in the comments!
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