Sunday, April 17, 2016

Seoul's 6 Must Visit Dessert Cafes!

Do you have a sweet tooth like us?
Then check out a list of some of Seoul's Must Visit Dessert Cafes! We saw this Korean article  and knew this was something we HAD to share with our readers!


Famous For: Tarts
Location: Original Location is in Itaewon!
Tartine is a very famous and beloved tart and pie shop located in Itaewon, but they have other branches in South Korea! The tarts can be a bit pricy, with miniatures starting from 6,000 won, but they are amazing and beloved by Koreans!
We highly recommend that you visit this place on your next trip to Itaewon, and maybe try a miniature or two with a few friends! It is the best way of actually enjoying the variety of different flavours they have.

Passion 5

Famous For: Pastries, Cakes, and a variety of bakery items!
Location: Itaewon, near Hangangjin Station
Official Website: Passion 5's Official Website 
Passion 5 is owned by the same company as Paris Baguette and Paris Croissant, so if you think of Paris Baguette as level 1, Paris Croissant as level 2, then Passion 5 is like level- 5!
They serve a wide range of bakery items from bread, cake, rolls, and cute confectionery. It is a little bit on the pricey side, but definitely worth the visit because not only is it beautiful, but they food is super tasty!


Famous For: Dessert items
Location: Apugujeong Rodeo Station
Naver Map Location: Dessertree
This is a teeny tiny restaurant that only sells dessert! The save of a big caravan, it can only fit at the most 15 people- but that is what makes it special!
With amazing, beautiful hand crafted dessert that is both a work of art for your eyes and for your mouth, it is a beautiful way to end your day at Apgujeong after a long day of shopping!


Famous For: Mille Fieulles
Location: Gyeongridan Street
Naver Map Location: Maillet
Run by a French couple, the place is located in Gyeongridan street and is so beloved by women that it is almost impossible to find a space on a weekend! They focus on using high quality ingredients, and have a great tea selection for you to enjoy with the dessert!
It is best to go early in the afternoon, because the signature items have a habit of selling out!

La Douce

Famous For: Roll Cakes and Kitty Lattes
Location: Habjeong Station
Official Website: La Douce Official Website
This is a very small cafe located near Hapjeong station that is famous for their fluffy lattes with cute kitty drawings on top, (in 3-D no less!) and their roll cakes with the amazingly soft dough and high quality cream cake!


Famous For: Rainbow Roll Cake
Location: Gyeongridan Gil
Official Website: Frank's Facebook Page 
Have you see these rainbow rollcakes? They are absolutely delicious!
(You might even have spotted some similar inspired rainbow rollecakes in other bakeries!)
Franks is the original rainbow rollcake cafe, and while you can find a branch in some department stores, the original store is located at the top of Gyeongridan-gil!
So have you been to some of these dessert cafes before?
Which is your favorite?
Tell is in the comments!
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