Thursday, April 7, 2016

Everland's Tulip Festival

Spring is officially upon us, and we thought what better way to celebrate Spring but by spending the day at Everland?
The annual Everland Tulip Festival started from the 17th of March, and will be open for a month- with over 1.2 million tulips planted, it seemed like a beautiful opportunity to enjoy the great weather, have some fun with our friends and also welcome Spring!
tulip2Before going to Everland, we booked our tickets on BnBHero to get 35% discount off the regular price- it was easy to make the reservation and pay online through our BnBhero account, and we went to a nearby print store to print out E-vouchers. Before going to Everland we looked through the official website to make a list of rides and attractions we wanted to check out- the question was, how would the weather be? We had her fingers crossed that the weather would be pleasant!

To get to Everland, we went to Gangnam station and waited for Bus 5002My friends and I made sure to have some coffee before getting on the bus- we need our coffee, we we need it now! The ride took a little less under an hour (be sure to leave after 9.30 am if you want to miss the morning traffic!), but we were sitting the entire way, so it was easy!
To go home, we made sure to have a copy of the metro map- we were going to compromise by trying out both types of transportation!
Everland is one of Korea's biggest themeparks, and there is plenty to do in any season! But Spring seems to be the most beautiful season, with the plethora of tulips we got to witness! The weather was especially sunny and nice, and without that terrible winter chill- thank goodness, because we wanted to ride as many roller coasters as we could!
Be sure to check out the Spring Tulip Festival while you have the chance!
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