Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Kimpira serves up Korean MIX Western dishes

Did you guys ever tried this in Korea?? Is a Korea food but mixing it up with western styles of fusion dishes that tickle the taste buds? And its know for their creative mixing up Korean & Western food. And this Shop is called "KIMPIRA"
Kimpira is basically means "Kimbab" , "Pizza" and "Ramyeon". But they do provide tteokbokki too but in differents style of making it.  Its gonna out of your imagination on how the make it. The taste is plain, but it would be a good opportunity for you to enjoy Korean snack foods in a clean, modern style restaurant instead of eating at snack stalls.

And this is how the menu goes. The first Menu is gonna be Tteokbokki
So this is how the original look like.. Underneath with tteokbokki and cover up with full of cheese and fries, beacon, and breast meat.
So the next one is gonna be their Kimbab with variety of choice
menu_kim03 (1)menu_kim01
Can you see the differences between normal kimbab that we usually eat? They are coming with some different kind of sauce such as light wasabi sauce for dipping.
And the next one must be Ramyeon which all of us prefer and its a Must try food while travelling in Korea.
And the last one and lastly gonna be their Pizza.
They are making their pizza with different way to attracted attention. 1917380_10154046605384172_5207928042882013112_n
Tel: 02- 337-0860
Operation Hour: 11am-10pm 
Add: Seoul, Mapo Seogyo 101, 411-12
Tel: 02-392-1003
Operation Hour: 11am-10pm 
Add: Seoul Seodaemun changcheondong 2-33 2,3 
Konkuk Station: 
Tel: 02-337-0860
Operation Hour: 11am-11pm 
Add: Seoul, Gwangjin-gu, Hwayang-dong 5-20
Busan Nampo:
Tel: 051-243-1311
Operation Hour: 11am-10pm 
Add: Busan Nampo-dong, Jung-gu 2 36-71 Floor
Gwanju cheongnamdae
Tel: 062-265-0203
Operation Hour: 11am-10pm 
Add: Guangju bukgu uchilo 90beongil 26
Tel: 051-515-9898
Operation Hour: 11am-10.00pm
Add: Busan Jangjeon-dong Geumjeong 413-5, second floor
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